God’s will does NOT just happen. It’s not God’s will that anybody should perish yet many do. Augustine said, “He who created you without you will not justify you without you.” Some things in your life simply will not come to pass if you don’t get into a place of cooperation with God regarding his desires for your life.

This is What the Forty Day Challenge is All About

Each year we focus in on a tithe of the year. 10% of 365 days is 36.5 days rounded up to 40 days. Jesus was transformed by 40 days in the wilderness. Noah’s life was transformed by 40 days of rain. Moses transformed 40 days on the mountain. The disciples were transformed 40 days with Jesus after his resurrection. Are you ready for a new season in your relationship with the Lord? Let’s take the next 40 days and devote ourselves to Christ and the church. We want to embody the following values as we surrender to God.


Let's take our love for God and others to new levels. Don't just read the Bible, spend time with the Author. Don't just say you care, actively express the love of God to the people around you each day.


Let's devote ourselves to deeper more meaningful places of personal prayer as well as corporate prayer together. Corporate prayer meets Mondays at 7pm and Tuesdays at 6am in the sanctuary. This will help set our year into motion with revelation and purpose.


Let's commit to lead our families in tithes, offerings and giving generously into the lives of others. Participating in the generous nature of God will transform our world!


Let's devote ourselves to gathering together as a church family consistently over these 40 days especially. Connecting in our Destiny Groups will be vital to receive all God has in store for our families during this special focus. More info at destinychristian.com/groups


Let's develop a lifestyle of taking a personal interest in the lives of others by making a daily difference consistently. People are God's priority and must become ours. Whose life is better because of you?