Jesus in Song of Solomon

Jesus In Song of Solomon: True Friendship

Jesus is revealed in Song of Solomon in a really unique way.  This little 8 chapter book tucked in right in the middle of the Bible is all about friendship and sexuality.

Solomon 5:16 This is my lover, this my friend... NIV

True romance is born from deep friendship. The world tries to present the most passionate element to attract our attention to watch the movie, buy the car or some other manipulative marketing attractional tactic.

The context of friendship is what produces and sustains true passion.

Chasing the element of passion without embracing the context of friendship is a vain pursuit. This is why we issue the three month challenge. If you meet somebody you find yourself interested in take the time to devote three months to doing nothing romantic or relational in terms of romance. Purpose three months of friendship to build a foundation of truly knowing each other.

Solomon brings a beautifully written poetic expression of true friendship and meaningful sexual relationship. Solomon is very sexually explicit about a king and the woman he loves. 

I had to pause to consider as I was working on this message that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

The essence of this book is written as an expression of exclusivity toward one woman who seems to be the love of his life.

Most scholars believe Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes at the end of his life as it is filled with sarcasm. Proverbs was written throughout his life. But Song of Solomon seems to be written at the beginning of his life. This is important information because it then helps us see that he was likely writing this to his first true love, a peasant girl who was familiar with working in the field with whom he fell in love.

Solomon would later begin marrying to expand his influence. The 1st marriage alliance was in 1 Kings 3 Pharaoh’s daughter. Most believe this book was written before alliances began. This was Solomon’s first true love early in his life.

This is where we see Jesus revealed. As a king, Solomon’s love took a commoner and brought her into a place of royalty.

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God doesn’t love us because we are valuable. We are valuable because God loves us. #JesusLovesYou #MerryChristmas

Over the years I’ve teased my wife, Tracy, with some of these interesting verses in this book.

Solomon 4:2 Your teeth are like a flock of sheep... Each has its twin; not one of them is alone. NIV

Solomon 7:2 Your navel is a rounded goblet...Your waist is a mound of wheat... NIV

Some of these phrases make you wonder about this girl’s appearance. After all, who wants their waste to be like a mound of wheat? His expressions are unique but the one thing we know for sure. Solomon was crazy about this girl!

Our self-image is kind of like a self portrait we carry with us. It’s like having this picture in your pocket and when you meet somebody pull out your picture and begin introducing yourself.

Most people have a horribly distorted self-image. We live in a world that worships beauty in such a way that it messes people up. Beautiful models are airbrushed to perfection which means even they aren’t real!

Little girls are brainwashed into thinking Barbie dolls are what they are supposed to look like. If Barbie were six feet tall and proportionate to the doll she would be totally freakish with a size 3 shoe and a head so large she couldn’t hold it up, especially on a waste that would be large enough to contain full size organs in her body.

One in four Americans are diagnosed w psychological disorder for which poor self-image and low self esteem are the underlying factors. 

The majority of people’s problems are that
they don’t like themselves.

When our identity is based on comparison We’ve based security on externals rather than internals

God’s love for you doesn’t have to do with how lovable you are. God’s love for you has to do with how loving He is!

This is the Christmas story. Jesus came for us. We are like the peasant and he is our king calling us to an amazing place of friendship with God.

GP4RL: Make sure to express Jesus this week as you celebrate Christmas. Love, Serve, Give!