Jesus in Leviticus

Jesus in Leviticus: Boundaries Protect Life

In Exodus we see Jesus revealed in the lamb. In Leviticus we see Jesus revealed in the goat. Why a goat?

The goat is the antithesis of the lamb. Jesus was not merely a sacrificial Lamb who died for our sin. Jesus became our sin to justify and sanctify us. This is what Leviticus is all about.

2 Cor 5:21 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. NIV

The idea of goodness breeds entitlement. If I’m better than most people around me then I deserve to be loved and blessed by God.

Luke 18:19 "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good--except God alone. NIV

Jesus didn’t die to make bad people good. He died to make dead people live.

Don’t be confused. There are benefits to being good. This is why this is the first book studied by a Jewish child, though it tends to be one of the last books studied by Christians.

Leviticus is full of laws regarding diet, sacrifice, and behavior.

Lev 12:3  On the eighth day the boy is to be circumcised. NIV

We now know that the it takes seven days for a newborn child to develop its own immune system apart from the mother. This law was given to avoid infection and death of infants incapable of fighting infection until their own immune system had started functioning.

Life is better in the boundaries.

Most of us would say we love a roaring fireplace. The reality is we love it as long as it’s in the confines of the boundaries provided for the fireplace to serve its purpose. Taking just one log from the fireplace and putting it in the middle of the living room would violate the boundaries and produce devastation.

God never gives us rules to keep us from life. He gives us rules to release us to life.

Jude 1:21  Stay always within the boundaries where God's love can reach and bless you. Wait patiently for the eternal life that our Lord Jesus Christ in his mercy is going to give you.  (TLB)

Regardless of what you choose to believe about Jesus at least consider the benefit in this life of applying principles of his life.

Loving, serving & giving to care for others will enrich your life many times over.

GP4RL Action Point:

Turn the page: Write the date at the top of the page of your Bible as you read it daily this week. We never leave a legacy until we live a legacy.