Awakened & Activated

What activates you? We can all think of that person in our lives that just knows how to push our buttons? Some of us have buttons that are easier to find than others but we all have the ability and the capacity to be activated. 

There I was sitting in Starbucks feverishly trying to finish some work with looming deadlines. A man walked in and put his bag down on an empty table that had a single chair. This table was close to a table surrounded by a group of friends having very boisterous interactions. The man went to the counter to place his order and then it happened. Another friend of the group strolled in needing an additional chair. Without thinking he reached back in mid-conversation grabbing the only chair from the table to which the man had already laid claim. Immediately I felt the inevitable tension that was about to collide in the midst of the atmosphere of friendship filled with a wonderful coffee aroma. 

Captivated by the scene I now migrated completely away from my train of thought. His order was placed, his payment was made and now he turned to come back to the table. In my mind I envisioned a volcanic rumble leading to a full eruption. I wasn’t far off. The man arrived at the table to find his bag but no seat. Immediately he gave a huff and then a puff hoping the insensitive group of friends would pay attention but to no avail. Finally he spun around grabbing another chair from another table creating as much calamity as humanly possible positioning the chair at his table. Someone in the group noticed and the tone of the conversation turned from jovial to irritation because this stranger seemed to be making such a fuss over something so ridiculous as a chair.

No sooner had he occupied his seat than the call came for him to pick up his hot beverage. His walk past this group communicated a sense of sharp frustration with a look in their direction that could kill. Quickly I assessed the nature of the situation and I took a risk. The entire group watched as I immediately stood up behind him and grabbed his chair sliding it over to my table and sat back down. As he carried his beverage coming back to his table past this group perhaps feeling slightly satisfied that he’d made his point he almost fell forward realizing his chair had been stolen again. With urgency I stood right up and let him know I was just teasing and I’d taken his chair. Everybody surrounding the entire situation laughed hilariously and I narrowly escaped a broken nose.

We can be activated in a bad way and we can be activated in a good way. We are actually designed by God to be influenced. What we say and what we model has an influence on others. 

Have you ever found yourself saying the same thing at the same time with somebody you hang around a lot? “We’re on the same wavelength” is a common phrase that has been more symbolic than scientific. However neuroscience research has found that when two people are together their brain waves actually begin to look nearly identical.

The more you interact with brilliant thinkers the more activity takes place in the neurological pathways of your brain. This is why it is so important that you purpose to have mentors! These studies show the two brains in proximity actually fire neurons as if they’re connected and firing together. The patterns look the same.

This makes me wonder what the mind of God looks like! We are created in God’s image. How do you think getting into God’s presence and into God’s Word experiencing the mind of God consistently affects you?

We are actually designed to be on the same wavelength with God. Many times over the years I’ve had people tell me things that they clearly only had received from God. In one instance I’d experienced something with God in my quiet time that I thought was completely odd. I felt as if God had actually kissed me like a Father would kiss a son but it was actually on the lips. I didn’t say anything to anyone because it just seemed strange to me. That week a woman in our church came up to me and said with a lot of energy, “You are a man who has been kissed by God!” I was astonished.

It is a daily conversational relationship through prayer, God’s Word and gathering as God’s family that awakens new levels of conversation for new levels of life!

Ps 29:9 The voice of the LORD makes the deer give birth… ESV 

The voice of the Lord activates humanity, creation and everything that exists because the voice of the Lord is the origin of all creation.

Ps 29:3-11 The Lord's voice is heard over the sea. The glorious God thunders; the Lord thunders over the ocean. 4 The Lord's voice is powerful; the Lord's voice is majestic. 5 The Lord's voice breaks the trees... 7 The Lord's voice makes the lightning flash…The Lord will be King forever. 11 The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. NCV

The voice of the Lord awakens us, gives us strength and carries the blessing of peace! The voice of God awakens us to live beyond the borders of where we’ve been before.

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. Conversations with God awaken our destiny and activate supernatural potential.

GP2RL Action Point:

Activate your faith by making a meaningful difference in the life of one person this week.


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    1.    Share a time when something in your heart triggered and a good reaction with positive results occurred. 

There are different things at different times that activate us producing action in our lives. The Word of God is both active and activating:

Heb 4:12 For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword... NIV

Not only is God’s word likened to a sharp sword but God’s word in our mouths is as well.

Isa 49:2  “And He has made My mouth like a sharp sword…” NIV

We are capable of carrying a word from God that awakens purpose and activates people in their gifts to see God’s Kingdom expand. By God’s Spirit, He anoints us to be part of the plan to express his contagiously purposeful love. 


    2.    Tell about a situation that motivated you to do something good because you saw or experienced something inspiring and good.

God awakens things within us to transform the world around us. When God’s compassion is activated within God’s people the action of love will result! Our faith must be activated or it is dead (James 2:17).

We’ve been talking about the armor of God now for weeks. A very interesting verse in 1 Kings talks about how actions speak louder than words using armor as an illustration for the analogy.

1 Kings 20:11 The king of Israel answered, “Tell him: ‘One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.’ ” NIV

This is simply saying it is easy to talk big about what we say we believe and do. It is very important that we purpose for our actions to be the message of our lives.

People actively ministering to people as a way of life will truly change the world. Knowing what we ought to do and doing what we know to do are two different things.


    3.    What is one thing you can do for one person this week? Share very specifically what you plan to do and when you plan to do it.

GP2RL Action Point: 

Activate your faith by making a meaningful difference in the life of one person this week.