Men of Freedom

Most guys mistakenly assume that “I’m the only one with a _____(fill in the blank) problem.” This lie keeps many trapped in shame, because if “I’m the only one” then I dare not tell someone for fear of being branded. All who struggle are isolated, and few have friends who they can be vulnerable with. At Men of Freedom we want to change that. James 5:16 says, “Confess your sins to one another and pray for one other so you may be healed,” and in Proverbs 28:13 we read “he who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will find compassion.” When we keep our sins a secret they have more power over us; exposing our struggles to others dissolves the shame (Psalms 32:1-5) and breaks the strongholds in the heart. And, when others pray for us in our specific area of weakness as is mentioned in the second half of James 5:16, the Holy Spirit touches our heart where we need it with His power and grace.


Rick Stuecken, 405-659-5747


Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm


Destiny campus, Business Center conference room